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Clorox Easy Wring Cotton Mop

Introducing the Clorox uncomplicated Wring Cotton yarn Mop refill! This little Mop is just the right amount of soft and rich, making it an outstanding way for everyday use or a quick-and-easy cleaning up of your janitorial workspace.

Clorox Easy Wring Cotton Mop Refill

This is a refill for the Clorox basic Wring Cotton mop, it is a small bottle that you pour into the Mop and it will refill it. It is uncomplicated to operate because it just takes a few minutes to use, this Mop will keep your floors clean and healthy. This product is a yarn Mop that refills the Clorox basic Wring Cotton soap, it is a sterling substitute to keep your place clean and feel good about your cleaning work. The Clorox effortless Wring Cotton Mop is a soft, gentle Mop that can keep your floor clean and free of dirt and dust, the Mop imparts an one-year warranty and is straightforward to fill and empty. This is a first-rate Mop for individuals with hands that are always wet, the Cotton is like a fine filter for water and will make your cleaning techniques more effective. Additionally, it comes with an one-year warranty.