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Clorox Roller Mop Refill

The Clorox Roller Mop Refill antimicrobial protection is a high-quality Roller Mop that will keep your home clean and organized, this Refill is top for when you need a fresh hand to keep your house clean and organized. The Clorox Roller Mop Refill is a top-notch alternative to keep your home clean and organized.

Lot of 3 Clorox Roller Mop Refills Replacement Sliding Head Antimicrobial Sealed

Lot of 3 Clorox Roller

By Clorox


Clorox Roller Mop Instructions

The Clorox Roller Mop is a that is designed to keep your floor clean, it is a sensational alternative to keep your floors clean and fresh all day long. The Clorox Roller Mop is an unequaled tool for people who crave to clean their floors quickly and easily, the new Clorox Mop replacement is a slide replacement that is antimicrobial and comes with a Clorox roller. This Mop comes with an 2-year warranty, looking for a fresh alternative to keep your house clean? Then you need this one! This Clorox Roller Mop head is a replacement that will keep your floor clean and free of bacteria. It is further anti-bacterial and needs only a few minutes to get the job done, this is a new sealed Clorox Roller Mop refill. Antimicrobial protection sponge and scour, great for cleaning up blood and other messes.