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Clorox Twist Mop

Introducing theclorox twist mop head! This unique head has a microfiber washable twist mop head that is perfect for large areas. The head is open-bagable and usable whenrefilled with used items. Don't let the lack of a rain cover get you down - this mop has a water bottle opener for convenience!

Clorox Microfiber Mop Refill

If you are in need of a microfiber mop refill, you will want to check out the best ones available. This one is from clorox and it is a. "the refillable mop refill. " it is a great product for those who want to keep their house clean and vacuumed up all the residue from their dishes and table. the clorox microfiber mop refill is easy to use and comes with a training manual that tells you how to use it. It is also effective in keeping your dishes clean and looking clear.

How To Wash Clorox Mop Head

This is a five-step wash that includes: microfiber clorox washable twist mop head refill open bag unused. First, rinses the hands in the open bag. Next, the hands are washed with the mop head and the open bag. Finally, the hands are dried with the mop head and the open bag. if you're looking for a way to get your clorox mop out of the sight of your pet, this is the bit for you! The microfiber twist mop is small and lightweight so it can be easily carried around, and it keeps your mop head clean and clear. this is a microfiber twist mop head that comes with arefill open bag. It is used for cleaning up dirty areas. this is a clorox twist mop refill that is open in the bag. It has a microfiber head that can be used with water or shampoo. It is a head that will last long in your cleaning area.