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Fuller Brush Wet Mop Head

This fuller brush wet mop head has a low profile setting that is great for wide open spaces. The swivel head helps keep the mophead in place and the frame is made of micro fiber for smoothness and stability. It also has a 16" x 4" swivel head that can reach deep errands.

Fuller Brush Company Treated Dust Mop And Pole

The fuller brush company is a well-known business in the world of cleaning supplies. They have a proud history of providing quality cleaning supplies to the general public. their dust mop is sure to get the job done, and their pole is perfect for cleaning tight spaces. Add this company’s quality cleaning supplies to your cleaning arsenal and you’ll be on your way to keeping your home clean and tidy for years to come.

Fuller Brush Mop

This is a full-tang brush mop that has a micro fiber profile that is great for everyday cleaning. It has a swivel head that can keep your brush working cleanly and evenly. The low profile design makes it perfect for smaller spaces. the fuller brush wet mop is a must-have for any wet dry cleaning process. This mop has a microfiber head that is great for cleaning deep among the dirt and wax build-up. The swivel head makes it easy to get the job done, and the frame swivels for easy hanging. the fuller brush mop heads are perfect for cleaning up messes and leaves you with a more evenapped environment for your hands. They are made of durable microfiber material and have a swivel head that makes it easy to dry your hands. this is a jumbo mop, which means it is good for large areas. It has a different design with a mermaid jumbo wet mop replacement head cotton yarn tails. This brush is also longer and wider than other mops, so it can handle more areas. It is alsoysonicently supplied with a head.