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Green Mop

The touch-free Mop is a water-wasting machine that uses a rotating water bottle to provide hours of cleaning potential, the wood floor is in like manner first-rate for prevention of water damage.

Green Mop Ebay

The Green Mop by baseboard buddy is a dust Mop that walks and glides in the underbrush to clean beneath plants, the microfiber dust cleaner is further outstanding for cleaning large areas of dust and bacteria. The brush is adjustable to suit any job and the extendable microfiber dust cleaner is terrific for large areas, this low-cost Green Mop is dandy for a suitor who wants a dirt-free home. The Mop renders an extendable microfiber dust brush clean pad that is outstanding for cleaning below the surface of dirt and dust, the dust pad also includes a Green light that shows you how much dust is present. The Mop is furthermore facile to set up and use, including a built-in tool that can be used for multiple tasks, looking for a basic and efficient alternative to clean your Mop head? Look no more than the Green Mop system! This system comes with a bucket system and it's very basic to use! When you are done cleaning, just shake off the excess and you are good to go! These cleaning tools are designed to keep you clean and free of dirt and dust. The shoes help you get the job done quickly and easily, while the microfiber material keeps your hands clean and dry.