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Hard Foam Mop

This Hard Foam Mop renders a new action refillable head that makes it a valuable tool for cleaning cleanly, the abs sponge pack gives you two cleanings that you can trust, keeping you of where your Mop was used.

Hard Foam Mop Ebay

The Mop is a Hard Foam Mop that uses 2 Hard dry use Foam pads in between the eren and the handle, the function causes the Mop to not hold a lot of water. The Hard Foam Mop is sensational for enthusiasts who crave to be cleaning their house in a different surrogate than with other traditional mops, the function means that the Mop can’t make a lot of water and that you need to put a lot of water into the Mop to get it clean. This Hard Foam Mop renders an 150 mm compounding Mop head Foam polishing sponge firm white medium Hard 10 mm x10, this Mop is fabricated with a soft Foam base and a Hard sponge for a deep cleaned floor. The sponge is removed with a sharp knife and the Hard sponge is kept in with a solution of this master Mop replacement head blue Foam pva sponge refill home floor cleaning nos is for use with traditional mops, it is manufactured of Hard Foam and is a terrific replacement for traditional pva sponge refill home floor cleaning nos. This Mop head presents a blue color and it is outstanding for cleaning Hard Foam floors, the Hard Foam Mop is a top-of-the-line surrogate for a floor care project because it is facile to adopt and can be refinanced. This Mop grants a replacement head that is blue in color and is refilled every time it is used, the head is white in color and as well available in a sponge form. It is a top-rated surrogate for areas with sensitive skin or for cleaning up food residues.