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Microfibre Floor Mop

This microfibre floor mop pad set is perfect for when your steamroller doesn't work. These 6x washable microfibre floor mops are easy to use and will clean your floor in no time. With the included washable wiper and brush, you'll be able to get the job done right!

Microfibre Floor Mop Amazon

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Microfibre Floor Mop Walmart

This microfiber floor mop is a perfect choice for those who want a floor mouse in a bag. It is a unique top-loading mop that is reusable and comes with a list of refills. It also has a built-in sweeper that clears up messes quickly. these microfibre floor mop slippers will keep your floors looking dry and dirty while you are playing music or working on a computer. They are also great for when you get a new spills or mess. this 3pcs microfibre steam mop floor washable replacement pads are perfect for use on a steam table or in a wetroom. They are made of water resistant 3pcs microfibre and come with matchstick style pads for easy on off. this microfibre floor mop is perfect for those with blood sweat and dirt concerns. It is a long handle mop that can be used on both hardwood and tile floors. It features a dust and mop long handle that makes it easy to use and long hours. Plus, the wet and dry dust mops make it the perfect tool for those withstiches.