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Mop Fly

The Mop Fly body material is a fun and unique alternative to get your message out there! It comes in 40 colors and can be chose to combine with your customers to ship together, this would make a first-rate add-on to your store.

Mop Fly Walmart

The Mop Fly combine shipping is a top-notch solution for all your Fly body needs! You can order as many Mop Fly bodies as you want, and they will be able to ship out within 24 hours, plus, they have 20 color options to choose from, so you can find a top one for your project. This Mop Fly is manufactured with 14 barbless jig hook beaded nymphs, it extends a chartreuse color and is produced with a big red jig hook. It is 14" long and provides a big red jig hook, the Mop Fly fishing flies are splendid for gold-creme nymphs and trout bass. These flies are 12" long and have beaded euro nymphs which make them top for trout bass, the nymphs are for use in flies, tug, or lure. The Mop Fly is a new Fly that is sure to entertain all your Fly fishing needs, this Fly is a must for any Fly fishing.