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Mop Sink With Legs

This stainless steel bowl mop sink with legs is perfect for cleaning up a cafe or laundry room. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, and the legs make it stable while you're cleaning. The bowl is big enough to get the job done quickly, and the poured-in-place bottom means there's no build-up of dust. Plus, the stainless steel finish will never wear off.

Mop Sink On Legs

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Top 10 Mop Sink With Legs

This stainless steel bowl mop sink with legs is a great new addition to your kitchen. It is easy to clean and has a sleek look. This sink is perfect for your laundry room or cafe. The sleek design is backed by a quick-drain system that ensures your clothes are processed quickly. this is a new stainless steel bowl mop sink with legs. It is201 robust and robusto stainless steel. It is perfect for those who need a cleaning up the dishes. The bowl has a large capacity and the legs provide a stable platform for cleaning. The mop sink with legs is also ideal for big tasks such as cleaning up large pots and pans. this is a great new stainless steel bowl mop sink with legs. It has a modern look and feel, and is perfect for any cafe or laundry room. It has two legs for easy removal, and is fastening system with quick release screws. The bowl mop sink has a large capacity and is filled with soapy water. It has a water resistant finish that will protect your dishes over time. This mop sink is perfect for any laundry room. The gaping opening at the top makes it perfect for getting your messs out there. Plus, the clear plastic cover makes it easy to find what's clean.