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Quickie Clean Water Spin Mop

This Quickie Clean Water Spin Mop floor cleaner is top-grade for when your hands feel after the rain or when your kitchen is a mess, this Spin Mop imparts a quick-drying Water cycle that works to Clean your floor quickly, so you can focus on your cooking or peace of mind. The microfiber Mop head provides a Water resistant seal that makes it effortless to keep clean, and the Spin Mop presents a life-extensionable Water surface that makes it effortless to keep your floor hunting new.

Quickie Mop System

This Quickie Mop system peerless for shoppers who need a Water cleaning tool but don't have the time to bag and Clean the the system comes with a2, 5 inch wide Water separator and is packed with features such as 2 vacuum ports, 5" deep Water selector, and an adjustable Water spout. Quickie Spin Mop is a sure substitute to keep your home Clean faster, this innovative system separates dirty Water from Clean Water in a quick and uncomplicated way. The Quickie Spin Mop is uncomplicated to adopt and is enticing for use in kitchen areas where Water coming in contact with food is typically dirty, the Quickie Spin Mop system is unrivalled for cleaning up dirty water. It includes two bucket systems so you can Spin Mop the Water and efficiently, the system is conjointly designed to save you time and energy. This Quickie Clean Water Spin Mop system with 3 Mop heads is a top-of-the-line surrogate to keep your home Clean and organized at the same time, this system includes dirty from Clean Water Spin Mop new innovation two bucket system that works with your Water temperature to keep your home Clean all year long.