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Rubbermaid Mop And Broom Holder

This rubbermaid mop holder is a great way to keep your cleaning going when you're out there cleaning up messes. This holder has two brush dusts, 13x12x3 euc, which will get your mess clean in no time. Plus, the pan and brush are also in a handy case.

Mop Hook

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Rubbermaid Mop Holder

This rubbermaid broom and mop holder is a great way to keep your toolkit on hand. The aloof color gives it a modern look, and it's easy to store. The soft, soft feel of the fabric is will keep your toolkit in your rubbermaid container. this is a great rubbermaid mop holder for those who love their broom. The holder is made of rubber and is easy to hold for poor posture. The rubbermaid mop holder is perfect for your home improvement or cleaning needs. this is a great evergreen tool for your kitchen or bathroom. The rubbermaid mop holder is new and has a white wall mount. The mop has a use before and is a good addition to your kitchen or bathroom. this is a great way to keep your workspace tidy and clean without having to sweep or vacuum. The holder is a rubbermaidorganizer mop broom dust pan and the brush is a rubbermaidorganizer broom dustyenance. The hold has a new vintage look and feel. The organizer can hold up to 14 tools. The broom dustyenance has a 14. 25x3x6 size for holding all your tools. The brush is 6"x14. 25x6" for brushing against tools and cleaning.