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Rubbermaid Self Wringing Mop

Looking for a gentle, all-in-one tool for cleaning? Search no more than the Rubbermaid self-wringing ratchet twist mop, this ratchet Mop comes with a blend of yarn and a thieves spyder cane, making it exceptional for any cleaning need. Made with a soft, luxurious yarn that falls effortless off the mop's handle, this Mop is sure to keep your place in your cleaning business.

Rubbermaid Self Wringing Mop Ebay

The Rubbermaid self-wringing ratchet twist Mop is a terrific substitute to keep your floors clean and scouring good, this ratchet twist Mop imparts a blend of yarns that make it basic to reach between the pieces of flooring and will keep your floors wanting soft and softness. This Mop is top-quality for use on hardwood, tile, or other hardwood floors, this Mop grants a rubber overall and handle with a self-wringing feature, so you can easily and quickly clean your Rubbermaid mop. This Mop also provides a soft-dish filter for cleanliness and a blended yarn for superior softness, this Mop is a top-of-the-line tool for keeping your Rubbermaid self-wringing Mop clean and organized. This ratchet twist Mop features a pixie lain design that ensures keeps your home at the head offers sharp blade and a turned-around bowl to get the job done, it comes with a yarn head that is 54-inch in diameter. This Mop is fantastic for when you need to get you clean, and the water and wool combination makes for a less messy job.