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Stanley Products Mops

Rye- connection stainless steel cable is connected to an aluminum frame that optional includes an locking connector. This product includes part 3233 - drywet mops or wall brush. The cable isgewater-connector has a locking system that prevents accidental opening, addition or removal of the cable. The product also includes an added warranty.

Stanley Home Products - Swivel Mop Frame - Red

Stanley Home Products - Swivel Mop Frame - Red

By Stanley Home Products


Stanley Dust Mop

There's many reasons why adusty floors are important, but a dust cloth and mop can get the job done. Here's how to get the most out of adusty floors: 1. Clean the floor first. When it comes to cleaning an environment, there's a lot of dust up against your lungs. Space and your skin. Dirty dust particles are also high up in the air and can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. Use a dust cloth. When it comes to cleaning, there's always a bit of dust to be cleaned away. Just like your skin, dust particles are high up in the air and can cause respiratory problems. Use a mop. With a mop, you can keep the floor clean and free of dust. Dusts because you can fling the material across the floor that is left over from other activities. Dusts can create allergies and asthma. Use a vacuum. Dusts are often up in the air. And when there's no space for a mop or vacuum, the dusts tend to fill up the space and give you a respiratory problem. Use a just-in-the-moment dust cloth. Dusts can be cleaned in just one-time use, so you can get the job done quickly. Just like a cloth can clean a surface, a dust cloth can clean dusts present in an environment. It's a tool you can use to get the job done quickly. Keep a dust-free home. Keep your home dust free by using a dust cloth every time you clean it. This will help keep the environment clean and free of dusts.

Stanley Wool Dust Mop

The stanley home products universal connector 3235 for wetdry mop is perfect for applying dry mop techniques to all types of wet environments. This mop has a 3235 number and is functioned as a dry mop with a mop head thateva cooperate with the water to create a clean, wet clean. The universal connector 3235 for wet dry mop is perfect for professionals or home teams. This mop has a universal connection 3235 and is compatible with most meters. It is also easy to use, just add water and enjoy your cleaning job. this stanley home products universal connector for the wetdry mop is a great deal! It is a great value at just $2. 99 + free shipping. This mop has a great history and is a great asset to any home cleaning system. the stanley home products slimline swivel connector part - mop waxer or wall brush is a great choice for those who want a slimline swivel connector for their home products. This part has a quick fit and does not require any screws. It can be used on hard to clean surfaces. The part also has a water resistant finish that makes it perfect for those who want to use it on water damaged surfaces.