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Wet Mop

This wet mop is perfect for when you need a hard edge clean. It is heavy duty and comes with a cotton head. It keeps your floor clean andaligned.

dirt devil wet spray + mop

dirt devil wet spray + mop

By Dirt Devil


Commercial Mop Heads

If you're looking for a cleaning tool that can handle any cleaning project, look no further than the commercial mop head. This tool is designed for the corrections and.

How To Clean Industrial Mop Heads

This tips is for cleaning industrial mop heads in a hurry! We have the perfect fiber mop for this, the hardwood floor mop. This mop is good for cleaning down in general and the floors around the mop while the other part is hitting the floors more important. The mop has 4 washable pads that will take care of any messs the floors might have. the industrial mop head is a great way to get a major round of dirt and dust off of your floor. The mop head is also good for cleaning up oil and food particles on the surface. The microfiber dust mop is good for everything else, including large pieces of debris such as humans and leaves. the industrial wet mop is a must-have for any office. This powerful squeeze mop can clean quickly and efficiently through textured surfaces such as textiles, aluminum, plastic and more. The microfiber mop pad is perfect for free standing floor cleaning and comes with a hand free floor cleaning. this wet mop head is perfect for both dry and wet surfaces! It swiffs andmopeds quickly and easily in and out of bathrooms with ease. The 2-in-1 dry and wet surface mopping kit comes with a 10 tool that is perfect for any job- from simple cleaning to heavy duty sweeping!